Unique Article WizardUnique Article Wizard is a service for submitting unique articles to thousands of different blogs on autopilot. The service was created by Dr. Noel Swanson and has become increasingly popular as it has helped marketers get awesome rankings in the Google Search engine.

I have been a member a long time now and will show you the results that I have achieved using this service.

Unique Article Wizard Overview

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Unique Article Wizard
Dr. Noel Swansan
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As soon as you sign up to this site you will be greeted with the main members Interface. It is from this area that you can submit your articles to hundreds of private blog networks. I have taken a screen print to show you exactly what the members area looks like:-

Unique Article WizardUnique Article Wizard Features

I use this service everyday to get hundreds of back links , but how does this all work? In this section I will explain exactly what is in all of the features.

  • Main Interface – This is the main area where you can submit an article using the Easy Wizard, Easy One Step, Step By Step Wizard or the One Step Wizard. I just use the one step wizard as it is so simple to add an article.
  • 3 Unique Versions – Each article that you submit has to have three different versions. Each version must have the same number of paragraphs so that when the article is submitted it makes sense.
  • Spun Content – As well as the three different versions of the article you can submit content in spin format. This ensures that the submitted articles are loved by Google post panda.
  • Anchor Texts – Without anchor text you will not get links back to your website. The Unique Article Wizard allows you to have a total of four back links with two back links in the article and two back links in the resource box.
  • Maximum Submissions Per Day – Each article can be drip fed into the submission by setting the maximum daily amount of submissions. By default this is set to 50.
  • Article Approval – Each article that is submitted into the network has to be approved before it goes live. This is to make sure that no junk is submitted and that the UAW system stays as an effective article submission system.


More To Come Soon including a huge bonus piece of software that will prepare your article automatically……


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