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The Cash Code Overview

The Cash Code

The Cash Code has been produced by Michael Jones and is promising that within two hours you can set up a complete turnkey website business that can make you thousands of dollars.  This is a bold claim, but going on the success of Michael Jones previous launches then this is quite possible.  This course also allows you to get automated traffic very easily so once you have set up one business you can then move on to the next site. This course is promising to be his most powerful yet with all his new methods being fully explained in a clear and concise step by step guide.

I have managed to get my  hands on a pre-release copy and will give you full details which you can find below.

Michael Jones

Michael Jones is a super affiliate who has produced this latest training course called The Cash Code.  Michael has produced some amazing products in the past including The Affiliate Code,  The Adwords Code, The eBay Code, and The Clickbank Code. We know that the cash code is going to be a great product because every one of his previous products has been a best seller and this one looks to be no different!  Michael has many students who have followed his successful methods and gone on to make the big bucks.:-)  His methods are simple , but very effective by using trial and error to find the best methods that will then explode your traffic, rankings and sales. Michael does all the hard work for you making sure that you can use his products to make money online.

The Members Area

The Cash Code Members Area

I have included a print screen of the members area to show you that this will be a hands on review and I will let you know exactly what you get with the course and if I think its worth investing in.

The Course

The Cash Code Review


The Cash Code course is made of up of three modules that contain over the shoulder videos that are very easy to follow.  What you basically get is three turnkey business websites that are fully set up and optimized for you to start making money.  You get the complete website inlcuding download and sales pages as well as the actual product that you sell. In Internet marketing you can make a lot of money as an affiliate, but the real money is in selling your own product

The videos that show you how to set up your website business are very easy and staright forward to follow and even complete beginners will be able to follow them. Each module has its own set of videos that run through each stage from setting up your own business to automating it with Twitter in module 3.

The Download

The download consists of 3 zip files which contain everything you need including the following:-

  • Sales pages
  • Banner Ads
  • Autoresponder Emails
  • Download pages
  • The actual product/ebook


Module 1 – The Setup

The first module talks you through everything you need to do to set up your completely automated business. It talks you through how you create a website and upload all the files including the ebook that you will be selling. 

This module contains 9 videos ranging from how to customize the website to setting up autoresponder emails with Aweber.  This leaves nothing to chance and is one of the most straight forward tutorials I have seen.

At the end of the 9 videos you will have your business set up and ready to cash in on sales .


Module 2 – Pump Up The Profits

This in-depth module consists of 13 videos that teach you all about affiliate marketing. We learn some very useful techniques for example what tools you need and how to create an effective campaign.


Module 3 – Easy Twitter Money

In this module we learn exactly how to set up Twitter the right way and how it can be automated to not only Tweet regular messages, but to also automatically follow other people. There are 7 videos in this course and teach you all the Twitter secrets that not many people know about. I havent't really used Twitter that much, but after following this course I will use it a lot more after learning how powerful it can be.



My Conclusion

This is a great starter course to get your own products launched and making you money.  It has very simple to follow videos that anybody can use teaching you how to setup your website and automatically get traffic from Twitter.  This is virtually free, but you will have to pay for the domain hosting and awber service once you have bought the course.  These services are very cheap and well worth the money as they allow you to host your own website and build a list of customers.  The course promises that you will have a money making business set up in two hours, however you should not expect to make money instantly. Overall, I think this is very intuitive and allows you to get your very own products on either Paypal (as the videos shows you) or even on Clickbank wher you can get your own army of affiliates.

The big money is in selling your own products and for the price of this course you get three products in dfifferent niches for a very good price.


This course relies on Twitter to bring in automated traffic. Chek out the CASH CODE Bonus which will help teach you how to get traffic from all different angles and comes free when you buy from my site.


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