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Mobile Money Machines Overview

Mobile Money MachinesMobile Money Machines is a unique software that is promised to combine two of the largest groups of buyers thus allowing affiliates to make easy money. Mobile Money Machines is promised to be an all inclusive suite of tools and training that will make it easy to make affiliate commissions.

Mobile Money Machines Members Area

To prove I have access I always add a screen print of the members area. In this Mobile Money Machines area you will be able to access all of your training, extra bonuses and the support area.

Mobile Money Machines Members

The Mobile Money Machines Members Area Content

  • Step 1 -Set Up Your Mobile Machine
  • Step 2 -Profit Stack #1 – Email
  • Step 3 -Mobile Money Ignition
  • Step 4 -Next Gen Squeeze Pages
  • Step 5 -Profit Stack #2 – Auto Cash Funnels
  • Step 6 -Turning On The Cash


Mobile Money Machines In Depth Review

In this section I will give you a break down of all the training included within Mobile Money Machines.

Step1 – Setup Your Mobile Machine

In this first Mobile Money Machines step you will learn how to set up your website ready to capture the details of all your traffic. You can use the complete site that the guys have used to make money or change it to meet your own needs. If you have no technical knowledge don’t worry as you can watch over the shoulder of the Mobile Money Machines team as they install the website.

Step2 – Profit Stack #1 – Email

AweberIn this section you will learn how to set up your Mobile Money Machines automated email lists that will bring in commissions on autopilot. Aweber is one of the best email marketing services and around and the one I currently use. The Mobile Money Machines team go into detail showing what all the features are and how to add your auto responder messages correctly.

Step3 – Mobile Money Ignition

The website that will be set up in Mobile Money Machines automatically links to Facebook when potential buyers land on your site. This part of the training shows you how to link Facebook with your website and add the details f your visitors to Aweber. Any visitor that does this will now be in your Mobile Money Machines sales funnel ready to receive messages containing your affiliate link.

Step4 – Next Gen Squeeze Pages

This is the section where you will learn how to get your Mobile Money Machines visitors mobile number so you can send messages direct to their mobile phones. Its a simple process and will not take long to set up using the Mobile Money Machines instructions provided in the video training.

Step5 – Profit Stack #2 – Auto Cash Funnels

As promised on the sales page Mobile Money Machines uses two of the biggest methods to make money online which are email marketing and mobile marketing. You will learn how to set up both cash funnels so your potential buyers will receive messages to both their email as well their mobile phones. All the messages that are sent automatically will contain your affiliate links so if any of your visitors buy then you will receive a commission.

Step6 – Turning On The Cash

As with any website, if you do not get traffic then you will not make any money online. This section will show you how to drive large quantities of traffic direct to your Mobile Money Machines squeeze page and in turn enter your sales funnels.

Mobile Money Machines Conclusion

Mobile Money Machines is a way of marketing that many people have not gone into and yet works so well. The reason why this marketing works so well is because most people are always logged into Facebook as well as their mobile phones. If you want to look at making money online using marketing methods that are still quite new then check out Mobile Money Machines.


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Design a Successful Mobile Money Machines Website

The past decade has seen a sort of a revolution when it comes to the Mobile Money Machines , with things changing for the better. With the introduction of Androids, iPhones and other smart phones, users can now easily access the internet with their phones. There are millions of people around the world that use smart phones today to manage their lives, stay in touch with friends, and use the Internet for a lot of things. So the question that arises here is, what can you do to make the most out of this Mobile Money Machines market? One simple way to get involved is to design your own Mobile Money Machines website that can be accessed by any smart phone user. If you want your mobile website to get noticed, you have to follow certain principles that will ensure it doesn’t get lost in the crowd. Below are some of the best methods for making your mobile website exceptional so users visit it and respond to your offers.

The Fastest Way to Get mobile money machines Traffic: Did you know that there are mobile advertising networks where you can place ads to get traffic quickly to your mobile site? This is the right time to get your ad out there on such a network because the competition is quite low, and you’ll be able to get a better return on your investment. As the clicks you purchase won’t be very expensive, you have a much better chance of making a profit. One of the best reasons to use this kind of advertising is that you can create very targeted campaigns based on your niche, resulting in higher quality visitors. If you want to go a step ahead, you can utilize the Google AdWords platform to place your ads too. You only have to choose the correct options in the Content Display Network -you can target mobile phones rather than traditional websites in this area. This type of advertising will allow you to easily reach your target market and start getting traffic to your mobile site quickly.

Using Short Forms: People that access your Mobile Money Machines website via their phones will not have the patience to fill out long forms while they are visiting even if it is only texting. You must keep in mind that the mobile visitor is not going to want to fill out a long form on your mobile site, therefore, you must make it as easy, quick, and painless as possible to see results. Keep in mind that utilizing the simplest form possible is necessary when creating your mobile form. For example, if you’re going to ask for their contact information, only ask for their email address; the rest of the information can be asked later on. If you respect your visitors as real people, it will be very easy to convert these mobile leads into prospects and customers.

The Benefits of Mobile Commerce: As people spend more time on their smart phones, many purchases are now made using mobile commerce; by offering your own Mobile Money Machines customers this option, you can increase your sales. The easier you make it for people to buy from you, the more sales you make, and this new method of billing customers on their phone bills (or using Paypal) is something you should take advantage of. Mobile commerce is probably the easiest possible way for people to buy your products, which means you can make lots of impulse sales this way. You may as well make it simple for Mobile Money Machines customers to place an order.

You should be prepared now! Your mobile website will be off to a great start if you apply these principles. Always keep your target Mobile Money Machines audience in mind and make sure your site is geared towards mobile phone users.

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