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Income Instruments Overview

Income Instruments

Income Instruments from Ritoban Chakrabarti is the next step in a system that has helped thousands of people make money online and even give up their day job. The course comprises of a stealth income software that will allow anybody to easily create money making websites that will get a lot of free traffic. Also, you will get a blueprint for building highly targeted email lists from these websites that will allow you to make consistent income from your email list.

Members Area

Income Instruments

As you can see , I have access to Income Instruments and will give a full review below of what you will find within the members area and what Income Instruments actually has inside.

Income Instruments In Depth Review

Once you are inside Income Instruments you will get access to training and also the website creation software.


Module 1: The Income Instruments Strategy

  • Income Instruments Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • Domain Registration
  • Setting Up A Hosting Account
  • Content Integration

Module 2: Introduction To Get Response

  • Introduction To Getresponse
  • How To Create Campaigns
  • Creating Autoresponders
  • How To Create Newsletters
  • Managing Contacts

Module 3: Email Marketing Psychology

  • How To Write Killer Emails
  • Clickable Email Body

Module 4: Advanced Strategies

  • Email Marketing Service Providers
  • Keeping Your List Happy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pithagoras Attack

Stealth Income Software

Stealth Income Software

The Stealth Income Software is a powerful web based software that can be used to mass produce SEO optin pages that have been created using the Income Instruments blueprint.

The software consists of several steps where you will configure how you want you website to look and then a simple upload process.



Simply enter all your main site information in the provided boxes such as title and domain name.



In this section you can customize your squeeze page adding in your own unique content.



Once the new subscriber has signed up to your list then you need to set up the download page. This is easily done in step 3 using the stealth software.



The final step in setting up your new website is also very straightforward. The software will create a zip file that you can upload to your hosting account or you can add your website details and the software will automatically install your new site.

Income Instruments Conclusion

This is a highly polished web software that allows you to create very nice looking websites very quickly. When it is combined with Ritobans training you get a course that is ideal for beginner to intermediate marketers who want to start making money online. Everybody says that the money is in the list and this course is targeted towards this side of marketing. If you want to be able to produce nice looking websites as well as learn how to do email marketing the right way then make sure you check out Income Instruments.

Income Instruments Official Site –> Click Here


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If you have any experience with online marketing, you probably realize by now that it isn’t always an easy business. Internet marketing has gone through many changes over the years; it has both made many people rich and emptied many bank accounts. One reason why the majority of people fail at internet marketing is that they have unrealistic expectations; they think they have found a way to get rich without doing any hard work. There have also been those who have reached the top of the internet marketing world by working hard and not quitting until their dreams were achieved. These are the internet gurus we hear about, who have achieved the almost mythical goal of having a large passive income. So it’s not that the image of striking it rich online is a lie; it’s something that can be done. But it’s also true that there is a great deal of hype surrounding internet marketing, and if you don’t learn to separate fact from fiction, you can fall victim to it. The only “secret” to succeeding at internet marketing is learning what has been proven to work and following a reliable system of action. You can study as many courses as you want but ultimately if you’re not going to work on what you learn you won’t make any money. We will now explore some proven techniques that will get you started on the path to success and financial independence.

Writing articles and using them to send traffic to your site not only is free, but really very popular as well. This tactic not only works, but it’s simple to do. Article marketing has proven itself for reliability and effectiveness for generating traffic. Articles that share high quality content will not bring you more traffic, but it will added more credibility to your self and business. One great benefit of writing quality articles is you’ll receive traffic from both the article directories as well as from the sites where your article may be published. You can also get terrific backlinks to your money sites if your article gets syndicated enough times. If you do article marketing the right way, you can send targeted traffic to your offers, brand yourself, and be the recognized expert.

Social marketing is an IM tactic/strategy that is just on fire right now. In this kind of marketing, all you’re doing is using social media sites to drive traffic to your sites at no cost. Sounds simple right? And it is easy! You’ll be able to very easily rank because these sites are liked a lot by the search engines. You’ll enjoy very targeted traffic, and your conversions will be quite good. Before you can have all the good an online business can offer, you have to take action without fears of losing a few dollars. You’ll see risks that won’t turn out profitably, and you’ll also have those that do – and they make up for all the rest. Check out the Income instruments training and you will be able to utilize this technique

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