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Income Hybrid Overview

Income HybridIncome Hybrid is a powerful new tool from Paul Ponna that has just been released. It allows you to take advantage of the viral nature of Facebook fan pages. The software makes it very easy to monetize Facebook by using methods such as clickbank, amazon, ebay and almost all of the other affiliate and CPA networks.

I now have a copy so read on as I add a full Income Hybrid review.

Members Area

Income Hybrid Members

Once you join Income Hybrid you will make it to the members area from which you can download the software and watch the training videos.

Income Hybrid In Depth Review

The Software

I have been through the software and have found that this web based software is very easy to use. Here is a screen shot of one of the simple screens that you use to build your fan pages.

Income Hybrid Software

There are several features that make this software powerful:-

Autoresponder Integration – This is complete integration of your autoresponder allowing you to build a large list.

SEO Longtail Keywords – This module allows auto embedding of long tail keywords giving the Facebook fan page more exposure in search engines as well as traffic.

Ready Made Fan Page Niches - You can add some ready made niche templates and see what works. These templates can then be used as a basis for any niche fanpage that you want to go on and create.

Customizable Fan Pages – Income Hybrid allows you to customize fan pages and create pages in any niche in minutes.

RSS Feeds – Easily add Clickbank , Amazon and E-Bay feeds to any of your Facebook pages so that visitors can be turned into buyers.


There are several comprehensive videos that train you on how to use the web based software and also how to drive traffic.

  • Video – Introduction – The Power Of Facebook Fan Pages
  • Tutorial 1 – Creating Facebook Fan Pages (2 videos)
  • Tutorial 2 – Income Hybrid Software Setup (3 videos)
  • Tutorial 3 – Advanced Niche Templates Setup (2 videos)
  • Tutorial 4 – Amazon and E-bay Account Setup (1 video)
  • Tutorial 5 – Getting free traffic to your fan page (4 videos)
  • Tutorial 6 – Email offers to your Facebook fans (2 videos)
  • Tutorial 7 – Integrating Clickbank affiliate banners into fan pages (2 videos)
  • Tutorial 8 – Facebook secret list maximizer strategy 2(videos)

Income Hybrid Conclusion

Facebook has now overtaken Google with the amount of traffic that passes through each and every day. This is why if you are not harnessing the power of Facebook then you are missing out on a lot of free traffic.

Income Hybrid makes it easy to set up Facebook fan pages very quickly and in any niche. if you follow the training you will learn how to drive traffic to these pages and make money. The good thing is that if you don’t have your own website or cant afford one then its not a problem with this software.

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Income Hybrid Banner

Making Money on Your Income Site

There are millions of people on the net who make a site of some kind, and then they work to make money from it. Once a blog or site is ranking well and the traffic is flowing, then that is the ripe opportunity for that person to look at methods to generate some Income Hybrid cash flow. If you are unsure about the best way to approach this idea of generating revenue from your site, then we have some good stuff for you.

While you should approach this with judiciousness, monetizing an RSS feed with ads is another way to generate revenue. You cannot spam your readers with ads because they will not like it, so you have to do it once in a while. Tons of online marketers let Feedburner or another one, Bidvertiser, to manage their feeds and handle ad placements. This approach saves you time and hassle if you are not so technically inclined. Some people shy away from involvement with third party businesses, and in that case you still have the choice of monetizing your feed by offering ad space.

Perhaps the single most important consideration here is you need to have a steady flow of unique and returning visitors. There is a particular area that has been growing rapidly for years, and we are talking about coaching others in what ever area you may be qualified to teach. People are ready to pay big bucks for it, and education happens to be one of the biggest businesses in the world. Of course all of this hinges on your knowledge and your market, but do explore this option if there is any possibility. You will be able to make it hands off or have more involvement in it as you want. Naturally, hopefully it is obvious that you must have solid, expert knowledge and can pull this off.

Also, consider the type of forum that is not free, as per usual, but the content is high quality. As far as the pricing model is concerned, it is your choice whether to charge a flat price or make it a monthly subscription. Try to avoid immediately discounting a monetization method that may not immediately seem attractive.

What you can very easily come across are those forums that charge for accessing certain parts of it that offer lessons, tutorials, video training, etc.

We have only talked about three methods for increasing revenue from your Income Hybrid review site, and that implies there are more than three – which there are.

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