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Consumer Wealth System 2011 Overview

Consumer Wealth System 2011Consumer Wealth System 2.0/2011 is being released to the general public on July 28th by Daniel Turner and Marc Lyndsay. I have been lucky enough to be able to use this training for quite a while(and make money :-) ). You will learn how to get a substantial and regular income from promoting physical products from sites such as Amazon. The guys really know their stuff and if you put in the effort it will help you to make a lot of money online.

Read on as I go into a full Consumer Wealth System 2011 in-depth review..

Consumer Wealth System 2011 In Depth Review

Consumer Wealth system is all about promoting physical products where the refund rate is almost non-existent and you can make a substantial income on autopilot once your site is set up. Here is a run down of all the training modules that will show you how to make money within as little as 24 hours in some cases.

The Content

CWS Intro
1 – Course Overview
2 – Preparation

Market Selection
3 – How To Select A Profitable Market
4 – Good Markets, Bad Markets
5 – Action Step – Select Your Market
6 – Super Fast! Or just… Fast

Domain Registration & Hosting
7 – What Makes A Great Domain
8 – Jump Starting Your Success (Advanced)
9 – Action Step – Registering Your Domain
10 – Getting Your Head Around Hosting
11 – Action Step – Registering Your Hosting Account
12 – Action Step – Pointing Your Domain To Your Hosting

Getting Your Site Setup
13 – How You Should Setup Your Site
14 – Action Step – Setting Up Your Site
15 – The Basics Of Good Design/Theme
16 – Action Step – Implementing Your Design/Theme
17 – Plugins – Adding Extra OOMPH!!!
18 – Action Step – Implementing Your Plugins
19 – Site Architecture – SEO Noob to Pro in 20 Minutes

CWS Core
20 – The CWS Product System
21 – Action Step – Finding Your First Products
22 – How To Get Traffic Fast (Basic Competition Analysis)
23 – How To Get Traffic Super Fast (Advanced Competition Analysis)
24 – Action Step – The CWS Product “Litmus Test”
25 – Action Step – Creating Your Site Architecture
26 – Creating Product Reviews That Sell
27 – Action Step – Create Your First Product Review
28 – Creating Categories & Adding Content Into WordPress
29 – Signing Up For Affiliate Networks
30 – Adding Your Affiliate Links Into Your Site

Traffic Generation & SEO
31 – Promoting Your Site – Free Vs Paid Traffic
32 – Understanding How Google Works
33 – The Critical Few – SEO Onpage Factors
34 – Building Links Through – Article Marketing
35 – Building Links Through – Directories
36 – Building Links Through – Blog Comments
37 – Building Links Through – Site Networks
38 – Building Links Through – Directories
39 – Monitoring Your Results – Google Analytics
40 – Monitoring Your Results – Google Webmaster Tools
41 – Monitoring Your Results – Rank Checking

Moving Beyond CWS
42 – Building Your Portfolio
43 – Valuing Your Real Estate
44 – How To Sell Your Sites For $$$

Consumer Wealth System 2011 Edition Conclusion

I have personally worked with the guys behind Consumer Wealth System and I will guarantee that if you work with this course you will see a consistent income coming in. This is not a rubbish $37 product like we have seen lately from some people, but a product that has been in development for over a year and a half. It contains over 20 hours of training which will show you exactly how to choose easy keywords and rank your site well.

If you want to promote physical products with low competition keywords then this training is for you. Don’t forget that by promoting these sort of products you will not see anything like the kind of refunds that Clickbank offers.

Overall , a great product which I will be using even more to build my empire. ;-)


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Consumer Wealth System 2011

There are associates that are earning big money with Amazon’s Associate Program by simply taking advantage of new opportunities. This is an amazing opportunity and business helper and it takes incredible focus if you want to use it to help you get ahead of all of your competitors.

Start and Build a Consumer Wealth System 2011 Email List: If you have decided to go into business online–no matter what your business may be–you need to spend some time building an email list if you want to have any long term success. If you want to build a business that will see sustainable growth and profit, you need to have a database of potential buyers who are happy to give you their money over and over again. Your primary goal as an Amazon Associate needs to be to get a lifetime value out of your buyers so, even though you might not be selling immediately, you’re still building your business to be as strong as possible. As an Amazon Associate, you have the opportunity to build an email list by offering some great freebies like “buyer’s guides” and “special deals” and even really great newsletters. As long as you can offer sign-ups something of value as incentive to share their information, you should have a pretty easy go of it. After you’ve begun adding people to your list, you can focus on building good and lasting relationships with them so that they will want to buy from your Consumer Wealth System 2011/2.0 site again and again. Learn from the More Experienced: Try Googling your niche so that you can see who is selling what through Amazon and then emulate the people who have found big success. Sites that are well ranked within the search engines are often the highest converting–you can study their copy, their content, their designs, etc. This is not the same thing as stealing; in this case you are simply evaluating your competition so that you can surpass them. Not only can you learn from the strengths of others but you can build on their weaknesses by doing just a little bit of homework. Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone and see how Amazon Associates are working in other niches as well. This will give you a fair idea as to how you too can do things better and in a more original way.

Use Amazon’s Site Strip: Amazon has created a lot of different features that are meant to help Consumer Wealth System 2011 Edition Associates bring in more money. The Amazon Associate Site Strip is an excellent tool that you can use for searching products/pages throughout Amazon. It is a fantastic way to keep track of a variety of products as well as encourage people to buy them. You have the option to add the link to your aStore, to your Twitter or simply add a Widget. It helps you publish links to your Twitter feed with just a quick mouse click and then, if someone buys through this link you earn your commission.

If there’s one thing that you need to focus on all the time as an Amazon Associate then it has to be consistency, without which it’ll be difficult to beat the competition using Consumer Wealth System 2011.

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