Let’s first discuss the definition and origin of the term. Street cred refers to the level of respect and trustworthiness accorded to individuals considered as experts in their fields of endeavor because of their tangible accomplishments. The term was originally used in the hip-hop subculture but it is now used for many other fields as well such as among online marketing professionals and their clients.

 Importance of Building Street Cred

 Street cred is known as social proof among online marketing professionals. It works in this way: If the individuals you trust – or you are related to – are buying a product, patronizing a service, or participating in an activity, then you can also do so and enjoy the benefits. Keep in mind that the online world is as much about the technical aspects (i.e., search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization) as much as it is about the emotional aspects (i.e., trust and respect).

Think of it: Even when your SEO campaign has placed your website on the first page of the search engine results, you are less likely to enjoy higher conversion rates when your online visitors believe that you are less reliable, less respectable or less trustworthy than your competitors, SEO notwithstanding.

Proof: According to Nielsen study, 92% of respondents placed their trust in the recommendations of family and friends – a word-of-mouth advertising, if you will – while 70% said that their second most trusted source is online consumer reviews.

Indeed, the importance of building your online street cred cannot be overemphasized for both online marketing professionals in their efforts to gain more clients as well as their clients in their efforts to enjoy their share of the market.

Tips on Building Street Cred

With that being said, here are useful tips in building your online street cred and, in the process, gain more customers for your business.

• Ask for endorsements.

Satisfied customers are usually willing to provide endorsements in several forms including written and video testimonials on your website, links on their own websites to your website with favorable reviews, and recommendations on networking sites like LinkedIn, Yelp and Amazon. These endorsements are tangible accomplishments that will boost your online street cred among your prospective clients.

• Highlight statistics.

Building street cred is also about the technical aspects related to website statistics. If your website or your brand has generated impressive quantifiable results like increase in page rankings, increase in traffic, or increase in returns on investments for clients, then by all means feature these figures on your website’s homepage! Trumpet your own horn, so to speak, but be sure that you have the facts to back it up.

• Connect with experts.

Think of it as attaching your star to other stars perhaps with brighter lights than you have at present. Your professional links with experts in your field can transfer their credibility to your own brand but keep in mind that the relationship goes both ways – you have to take care of your own good reputation, too. You can write a guest blog on the experts’ website, invite them to write on your website, and interview them for a podcast, among other ideas.

• Be grateful for shout-outs.

Setting up Google Alert allows for monitoring of mentions and citations online. Thank the individuals behind these citations and return the favor, when possible.

When adopted as part of a multifaceted approach, these tips toward building online street cred will be to your benefit sooner than you expected.

Several marketers such as Aidan Booth, Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton have all built their own street cred by producing brilliant training programs. Their latest program is called The Trinity Code and there if you buy through the Trinity Code Bonus links you can also get some great extras.

Aidan Booth has announced the launch of Page One Evolution and I thought I would add some of the details here.

The launch is for SEO training and since as its from Aidan Booth we know its going to be packed with high quality information.

Whats actually included?

  • On Page SEO secrets manual
  • Advanced Page SEO Manual
  • 21 “Over My Shoulder” training videos
  • Attention Grabber plugin
  • Live SEO Training
  • Quick Start Earnings Plan
  • Step By Step SEO blueprint

As you can see, Aidan has put some serious work into his new product and since as he is getting amazing results we would be crazy not to sit up and listen to what he has to say.

Blogging WIth John Chow Review From John Chow

John Chow is one of the most successful bloggers ever and now he is going to show you exactly ow to do it.

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Copy Paste Profits Review From Winter Valko and Steven Johnson


Winter Valko and Steven Johnson have teamed up to provide a top quality product.

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You have to stop and think about why so many businesses choose a blog for their primary money site. One of the best ways to make sure the search engines like your business’s website is by including a blog. You can still benefit greatly with a Commission Vantage blog even if you’ll never do search marketing, though. You still are faced with the same business challenges regardless, but there’s no doubting that blogging can work very well.

It can be tough knowing what to believe when you’re looking for solid help on the web. What makes the net so cool is the community aspect, and people such as Adrian Morrison helping others to make money and succeed compels them to offer this advice. It doesn’t matter why the other percentage lacks a positive agenda, it’s just that they do not. Above all else, try to keep your thoughts positive as you are on your journey with research and learning, and don’t get caught up in the dramas. Be wary when they allow you to settle for anything besides doing your best work and putting forth your best efforts.

One of the most basic pieces of advice is to target your niche audience and totally avoid failing to do that. If you don’t do this, then you may as well just pack it up and go home right now because this is how you find the people you want to sell to.

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One of the most difficult things you can do is try to optimize your business while that deepen problems financially. At some point, you are going to have to do something about your cash flow. You could go out of business as well. You really don’t have to do everything at the same time to get results. You cannot really do that from a practical standpoint, and you don’t want to do it for other reasons. It’s never good to change your business, moving in different directions that you have never been before. To boost your cash flow, and measured response must occur. You need to choose your plans wisely, ones that will lead to expected outcomes.

Increasing your cash reserves is something you can do by getting rid of slow-moving inventory. Getting started by moving 15% or 20% of your existing inventory. You can benefit by having a reduced tax liability, which can certainly help. The reason is that many states tax the value of inventory considering it an asset. As a result of doing this, the cost of holding this unproductive inventory will go down and your sales margins will increase. This is a fantastic way for businesses to increase their cash on the fly.

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One of the best affiliate training programs of all time was produced by Mark Ling back in 2009. He has now done a complete overhaul and brought it totally up to date with new software as well as all the post panda updates.

Click Here For More Information On Affiloblueprint 3.0

If you are serious about setting up an online business that will make you consistent income then you should check out the full Affiloblueprint review.

The good thing about this training is that he has now expanded the training to include physical products such as Amazon.

There are many hours if complete over the shoulder training as well as PDF documents.


Street Smart Profits

Welcome to the review post for John Cornetta, Frank Salinas and Cindy Battye’s launch called Street Smart Profits. It is due to be released on the 27th March 2012.

I will try and get review access, and in turn be adding a full review to this post detailing what is inside and if it is worth purchasing. I will also be adding a top quality Street Smart Profits bonus that will be given away free to my readers who buy through the link on this page.


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ref="http://www.robselaney.com/street-smart-profits-review">Street Smart Profits. Make sure you check out the Street Smart Profits review coming soon. It is common knowledge that if you want to do business online or be involved in Internet Marketing that you are going to need a website. If you want to undertake things within the sphere of online marketing, having a website is the best way to do so. Obviously, recognizing that you need a website is one. It is entirely another to know how to make sure that your website is successful. Prepping ahead of time is a must. Don’t concede to the temptation of just taking the plunge into any random page. You need to ponder over the following issues before you put the coding process into action.

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Carbon Copy Commissions

Welcome to the review post for Justin michies launch called Carbon Copy Commissions. It is due to be released on the 19th March 2012.

I am promised review access so I will be adding a full review to this page detailing what is inside and if it is worth purchasing. I will also be adding a top quality Carbon Copy Commissions bonus that will be given away free to my readers who buy through the link on this page.


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These Carbon Copy Commissions tips should help you make money on

y Commissions review.One of the best ways to earn money on the Internet is through joining the Amazon Associates program. If you already do Internet marketing, this is simple enough to integrate into your existing business. Getting started is easy! Comparing Amazon to individual sellers, you clearly see that their reputation precedes them.

It has a good reputation among people who are associates (they pay on time). Of course, just joining the program isn’t going to earn you a ton of money. You have to work at this business to get paid. Here are some things you can do to boost your Amazon Associate income.

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article ranksArticleranks is a blog network that has been created to help marketers rank their sites well by drip feeding content to the network. This is part of my daily back linking campaign that has allowed me to get awesome results in Google.

Here is my Articleranks review and how it has helped me get top rankings.

ArticleRanks Overview

official website:
Blog Network

The system works by submitting an article in spun format containing up to three back links. This article is then fed into the network so that you will get back links from a range of Pagerank sites.

Members Area

Articleranks Members Area

I have taken a quick screen shot so you can see what the members area is like. From this section you can check your statistics,edit your profile and submit articles.

Why Is Article Ranks Different?

This system works slightly different by having three different membership levels.


More coming soon..

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